Tiger cub in a zoo in Bhubaneswar named 'Baahubali'

To give names to cubs, the zoo management adopted a new method, they asked the tourists to give the names to seven tigers who were born last year

Seems like Baahubali mania is not going to end anytime sooner, with people still lining up for the tickets even after many days since it got released to women donning Baahubali sarees. People are showing their love for the movie in their own ways. Now, a cub in a zoo in Bhubaneswar has been named Baahubali.

In the presence of forest and environment Minister Bijayshree Routray, the 13-month tiger cub in the Nandankan zoo was given the name Baahubali. To give names to the cubs, the zoo management adopted a new method. They asked the tourists to give the names to seven tigers who were last born last year.

According to a report in Times of India, Shishir Acharya, the director of the zoo said, “We put a drop box outside the tiger enclosure and asked tourists to drop chits, suggesting names for total seven tiger cubs, who were born last year. Out of total 2200 chits dropped in the box, we found the name of Baahubali suggested by more than 1200 people. Accordingly to we decided to name a cub after Baahubali, a name that is apt for a tiger,”

“Since Baahubali denotes prowess and valour, we chose the particular cub for the name as he was born out of a wild tiger, named Nandan on April 20, 2016, ” he added.

Minister Bijayshree Routray was also present to inaugurate drinking water counters for tourists when the voting for the name of cubs was going on. Another zoo official said that we requested him to formally announce the naming of the cub. Other six cubs including 2 females were given the names as were given as Kundan, Saahil, Adyasha, Vicky, Chinu and Mousumi.

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