This Tamil Nadu govt school teacher's zeal to improve education standard is inspiring

Annapurna Mohan has put in her own money to improve the infrastructure of the school where she teaches

Most of the people generally do not have a good impression about government schools. Infrastructure wise they are not up to the mark and children studying in these schools do not come regularly to attend classes, however, there are always people who put extra effort to make society a better place and Annapurna Mohan is one such person.

She has put in her own money to improve the infrastructure of Panchayat Union Primary School (PUPS) where she teaches. Annapurna bought new furniture for the classroom, got a digital smart board, and new floor in the classroom. She did this so that student would want to come to school every day.

Annapurna told Logical Indian, “When good infrastructure along with good education is provided to the children in government schools, parents will not feel the need to send them to private schools”.


class (Photo: Facebook)


Emphasising on the importance of English nowadays, she has started teaching the language to her students through phonetic sounds. She said that right methods are not used for teaching English and this is the reason why students find it difficult to learn the language.

“English is a universal language and it is essential that the students who want to have good jobs in the future, learn it. Even in Tamil Nadu, a high position job requires the employee to have a good grasp of the language. And the ones who suffer the most, in this case, are government school students,” said Annapurna.

Annapurna uploaded a video of a skit on her Facebook page which was widely shared. Annapurna’s dedication has won admiration from many people who also keep sending gifts for her students.