Here's why most Mumbai cops lead an unhealthy lifestyle

During their checkup, doctors found out that most Mumbai cops lead an unhealthy lifestyle which could create problems like diabetes and blood pressure

A team of doctors from Dr Gadge’s Diabetes Care Center, led by Dr Pradeep Gadge– one of the city’s leading diabetologists– organised a diabetes camp at the Goregaon police station on Republic Day. The cops were screened for various health parameters including blood glucose, BMI index, blood pressure, body fat inspection, body weight inspection, and height inspection.

“This Republic Day, we decided to take time out to salute the efforts of these unsung heroes who’ve always sacrificed their sleep, their time for our safety. Owing to this sentiment in them, we decided to spend some time with them and help them improve their lifestyle,” Dr Gadge wrote in a Facebook post. Check out the entire post here:

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As a part of the health camp, a total of 62 cops were examined, out of which 56 were male and 6 were female. During their checkup, the doctors found out that 42 of the 56 policemen were obese with a BMI greater than 25 KG per meter square. On the other hand, all six police female officers were obese, Free Press Journal reported.

The checkup revealed that of the 32 policemen who admitted to having alcohol and tobacco occasionally due to stress, eight were known diabetics. From the group of eight policemen who had diabetes, only three had normal blood sugar level, while other five could not control the disease owing to a hectic schedule and a poor diet. Furthermore, ten cops were also known to be hypertensive.

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During their health camp, the doctors also found out that most cops live an unhealthy lifestyle owing to tremendous work pressure, stress, erratic work timings and long duty hours and poor dietary habits. According to Dr Gadge, most cops don’t get adequate time to sleep or exercise, which in turn increases chances of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure among others.