This is why Indian Army is sending its two-star generals back to classrooms!

There are over 290 Major Generals in the 1.18-million strong force of Indian Army

The Indian Army is planning to send its Major Generals back to the classroom. But they won’t be studying in the exact classrooms. Instead, they will be attending short-term courses to hone their “senior leadership skill sets and competencies” to keep up with the rapidly changing military technology.

There are over 290 two-star Major Generals in the 1.18-million strong force of Indian Army.

Earlier, General Bipin Rawat chaired the Army commanders’ Conference and cleared the decision for short-term training courses. However, this course will be for those officers who reach the Major-General rank after over 30 years of service.

According to the report published in the Times of India, ‘a top brass felt there was a need to evolve a training framework for senior officers to keep up with the rapid changes in military technology, threats and geopolitics.’

The change in geopolitical realities, societal changes, rising aspirations of soldiers, proliferation in social media platforms and other challenges taking place in the army have increased challenges for the officials.

According to a source, “all these factors have increased the complexities for senior leaders in the force. Various modalities like the time-frame, curriculum, benchmarking and the like for the Major-Generals will be now worked out after last week’s approval.”