This is how much PM Narendra Modi earns every month

A known workaholic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi apparently works 18 hours a day. Ever wondered how much money he makes as PM every month?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most popular world leaders. His Twitter account boasts of whopping 33 million followers making him the second-most following world leader on the microblogging site after United States President Donald Trump. He has been hailed by the people of the country and abroad for his energetic and dynamic leadership. The Prime Minister is said to have an extremely busy schedule.

It has often been reported that the Prime Minister sleeps on the plane instead of foreign hotels to save some time. During an interview, the Prime Minister had himself revealed that he cannot sleep for more than 3.5 hours because of his tight schedule. “I have very little sleep. All my doctor friends consistently advise me that I should increase my sleeping. I should sleep minimum for 5 to 6 hours. But I have become so workaholic and it has become my habit since many years that I hardly sleep for 3.5 hours. But it is a very sound sleep. I go to bed and within 30 seconds I fall asleep,” Narendra Modi had said. He also reportedly works 18 hours a day.

Prime Minister is the head of the government and supervises all the important decision-making bodies of the country. However, have you ever wondered how much does the Prime Minister earn every month?

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Here is how much the Prime Minister earns per month:

As per Article 75 of the Constitution, the salary of the Prime Minister is decided by Parliament and revised from time to time. As of 31 July 2012, the monthly pay and allowances of the Prime Minister of India were Rs 1,60,000 ($2,600). Since then, there have been no reports of change in the salary.

The salary is inclusive of Sumptuary Allowance of Rs 3,000, daily allowance of Rs 62,000 and Constituency Allowance of Rs 45,000. The basic salary of the Prime Minister happens to be Rs 50,000.

Narendra Modi


Apart from this, the Prime Minister is also entitled to receive perks including a personal staff Special Protection Group (SPG) who will be responsible for his security, a separate car, (BMW 7-series) and a government residence. He is also given an exclusive aircraft (Air India One). Prime Minister Narendra Modi currently resides in 7, Race Course Road, New Delhi.

All the former Prime Ministers are entitled to receive rent-free accommodation for life and free train travels for first five years.

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