This Indian Pilot Is The First Woman To Fly Solo Over Atlantic, Pacific Oceans

Aarohi is also a part of an all-women pilot team to circumnavigate the world

Aarohi Pandit from Mumbai created history by becoming the first female pilot to do solo flights across the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Pacific Ocean.

She achieved the feat in a Light Sports Aircraft, covering 1,100 km from Alaska to Russia by flying across the International Date Line. She is also part of an all-women pilot team to circumnavigate the world, aimed at spreading the message of women empowerment.

Pandit told WE! Expedition,

“We have survival equipment onboard – liferaft, turtleneck etc, so it is possible. We are commercial pilots. We have 200 hours of training on single-engine and PA-34 that is multi-engine and this aircraft now.”

An Indian commercial pilot license holder, she has logged 29.500 km in 50 legs across three continents and 20 countries. Aarohi flew across Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, France, and Britain with her friend and pilot, Keithair Misquitta.