This Indian company is offering PAID leave to their female staff for first day of periods

Setting an example for a number of companies across the country, this Mumbai company is offering paid leave to their female staff for first day of periods

“Is it that time of the month?”, “You are cranky because you’re chumming”, “Don’t be a baby”. These are just some of the things that a woman has to hear when they go to work while they are on their periods. While the sanitary napkin commercials make you believe that you are free to take on the world and even ride horses during periods, the reality is that a woman is in a lot of pain during that “time of the month” and wishes she could detach herself from the world, lie on bed with her trusty hot water bag and eat chocolates.

However, what they actually have to do is go to work (because you can’t take a sick leave or a casual leave) and let your boss burden you with the work while your ovaries create a massacre inside you.


But this Indian company is here to change that. They have gone on to do something women across the world may have wished for but were skeptical about its implementation. Culture Machine, a Mumbai-based firm lets their female employees have the first day off on Period. And we are not even kidding.

In a video, Culture Machine features some of their women and asks them about how they feel on the first day of their period, They are also told that the company was introducing First Day Off on Period in their holiday and record their reactions. Naturally, the ladies were supremely happy.

Devleena S Majumder, President-Human Resource said that the main idea was to align the core organisational values to the content that they create. The firm has also come up with a petition written to addressed to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Women and Child Development urging them to implement the policy of period across the country.

You can watch the video here:

Can the other companies follow suit, please?


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