This Indian-American billionaire from Chicago is a college dropout who quit his job 10 years ago

Indian-American Rishi Shah, who quit college 10 years ago to pursue entrepreneurial dreams, is now Chicago's new billionaire

A college dropout who quit his job 10 years ago, Indian-American, Rishi Shah is now Chicago’s newest billionaire. His business partner Sharadha Agarwal follow close behind. The duo went on to earn big after they started a USD 600 million Chicago health care company called Outcome which they founded in the year 2006.

The company is now worth USD 5.6 billion, PTI reported. According to a report in PTI, Rishi’s doctor father emigrated from India to Chicago. His mother also helped his father with his medical practice. Rishi grew up in Chicago’s Oak Brook area. “If she gets on an insulin pump and she is able to achieve better blood sugar control and she is checking her blood sugar more effectively, the device manufacturer wins, the insulin manufacturer wins, the blood glucometer wins, the doctor wins, but the payor wins most of all. And she wins personally,” PTI quoted Rishi Shah as saying.

The report further stated that Rishi was studying at Northwestern University when he met his now business partner Shradha Agarwal and founded a company called ContextMedia soon after. With the hope of flourishing their entrepreneurial dreams, both approached a number of doctors to fund their idea but apparently found very little help initially.

“We had to build a profitable business, or at least a break-even business, from scratch. We had no margin of error,” he said. The duo even went on to sell services to various physicians and hospitals with their own money. After years of hard work, they changed the company name to Outcome Health once they started receiving funding.

Outcome Health which is among the top 30 of the 200 non-public companies, made $130 million revenue in the year 2016. The companies make effort to maximise the time spent by the doctors and patients and try to do away with the usually crowded waiting rooms.

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