This 10-Year-Old Built A Washing Machine That Runs Without Electricity

He may be just 10, but Darshan Kolhe doesn’t believe in dreaming small. When he was in the seventh standard, he was asked to make something interesting for his science project and that’s when he came up with the idea of making a washing machine that runs without electricity.

Darshan Kolhe from Govt LBS Boys Middle School, Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh, just took an old cycle and a recycled barrel and invented his washing machine.

The device has a cycle chain attached to a grill mesh container which is inside a barrel. Water and soap are poured into the barrel and the washing machine works just by manually paddling the cycle.

One only needs to put dirty clothes inside the mesh and the device not only cleans them but can dry them as well. Once clothes are cleaned, just remove the water from the barrel and put the cloth back into the mesh and spin it again. It gives perfectly washed and dried clothes.

The device was also demonstrated at the National Level Inspire Award competition at IIT Delhi.