They used to say money, money, money, now they say Modi, Modi, Modi, says PM Modi

PM Modi tried to woo the people of Uttar Pradesh for the upcoming assembly elections in his own way.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed Parivartan Rally in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh in a bid to gain the support for the state in the upcoming assembly elections. Here are some the key highlights of PM Modi’s Parivartan rally:

– I have not fought from Uttar Pradesh just to become an MP but in reality just wanted to launch a fight against poverty from this massive state.

-When came to power, I myself asked officials that why are so many villages in the state still deprived of electricity despite 70 yrs of independence. That’s when I announced from the Red Fort that villages will b electrified in 1000 days, and we are fulfilling it.

-I came to Moradabad late, but before coming here I made sure that your demand for electricity was met.

-Will the corruption go away on its own? If a person is fighting against corruption is that person a criminal? I am not answerable to a high command. I am answerable to you.

-What can the corrupt do to me? We are fakir, will take our bags and walk.

-Today the one’s who have stashed black money are queuing outside the house of poor people, asking for their help. Ever seen the rich begging the poor for assistance?

-Dishonest people are not being able to go to that banks now and so they are queuing up outside homes of poor and trying to mislead them.

– If you promise me that you will not withdraw money from your accounts for the people who have deposited their unaccounted income in your account, I will find a way to put the black money holders behind the bar.

-Earlier people used to say money, money, money now all they are saying is Modi Modi Modi.

-If you have a phone, then your phone is your wallet now. You don’t need to withdraw money from ATMs, you can make all the transactions and buy what you want from the money in your account through your phones.

-We are in the 21st century, my country is all set to be digital.

-I salute the farmers for their contribution. They are not letting the sowing drop even after cash-crunch.