These Indian Cities Feature Among World's Most Liveable Cities

Two Indian cities have been listed on EIU's Global Liveability Index 2019

Two Indian cities have been listed on EIU’s Global Liveability Index 2019. Delhi ranked at 118 out of 140 cities, dropping 6 places from last year due to ‘increase in petty crime cases’ and worsening air quality levels. Mumbai also dropped two places to 119 due to ‘downgrade in culture’.

The index ranks cities on stability, environment, healthcare, infrastructure and education. Stability and culture & environment are the two most important categories, weighted equally at 25% of the total. Healthcare and infrastructure are also matched at 20%, with education coming in last with a 10% weighting.

The top spots were occupied by Vienna (Austria), Melbourne (Australia) and Sydney (Australia). Damascus, Syria was declared ‘the least liveable city’ along with Lagos, Nigeria and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“Paris in France is the highest-ranked city to have seen a deterioration in its stability score, owing to the ongoing anti-government gilets jaunes protests that began in late 2018,” the EIU said of the French anti-government movement.

Paris slid six places to 25th, from 19th last year.