The Tough Price Delivery People Have To Pay For Your Order

The harsh reality of those who are buried under weight!

Last month, a picture of a delivery boy carrying a huge bag went viral on social media. It attracted criticism from several quarters and highlighted the plight of delivery persons and their tough working conditions. Since the delivery boy was an employee  an online grocery and food products provider, the company was quick to respond and said that it will introduce new designs of bags and crates that will ease the burden of delivery persons. But what about thousands of other such delivery persons who have to live with this harsh reality every day?

InUth got in touch with three such people from the profession to know about their stories. From recurring backaches to body posture issues, this profession takes a toll on their health. They also talked about how this job is neither paying them well nor it does it provide holidays for the employees. Sometimes, they are even subject to harassment, not only by their employers but also by irate customers.

Doctors and medical experts have also highlighted how this profession can permanently damage their backs.

“There can be problems in the chest, legs, numbness, weakness, pain and all those excruciating pains which are not usually settled with the conservative treatment and many of them may settle down with surgeries.Even after surgeries, they may have to go for a change of profession since they are not fit enough to lift weight,” Dr Sushil Sharma, Senior Orthopedic surgeon, Joint and Spine surgeon told InUth.

Even after being aware of the fact that working as delivery persons has with its own share of occupational hazards, many are forced to continue doing it.

But does anyone care?