Thanking Nitish Kumar on demonetisation, Modi says: 'Will move forward with those who support us'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who addressed the BJP took a massive jibe at the Congress party and asserted he will move ahead with people supporting him.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the BJP MPs at the parliamentary meet on Friday, targeted Congress and other parties in opposition for criticizing and opposing the central government’s move to demonetize Rs. 500 and 1000 currency denominations.

He described how the opposition has always been against the right decision taken in public benefit. He said, “Previously, the opposition would come up together to oppose the government on scams like 2G and Coal gate, and now the opposition didn’t find Demonetisation fruitful which is a key tool to curb black money.”

Modi also slammed the Congress and alleged that have never taken any beneficial step in public’s favour. He added, “For Congress, it’s always party above the country, but for BJP the nation is everything and the party comes after.”

He even didn’t miss thanking those parties who ideologically differ from BJP and NDA but heartedly supported the decision of note ban. “I want to thank Odisha CM Navin Patnaik and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar who welcomed the decision of Demonetisation.”

Iss ladai mein jo saath de rahein hain, unhe saath lekar hamein aage badhna hai. (Whoever supports us in this fight against curbing black money, we will keep moving forward along with them.)”

Meanwhile, going back to the pages of history, PM Modi also mentioned that how former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi rejected the decision of Demonetisation despite the Wanchoo Committee suggested the same to go for adding that the entire nation faced a huge economic breakdown.

He also briefed the lawmakers to focus on striving towards building a digital economy effectively and transparently so that it could become ‘way of life.’ He also mentioned that how the government is pushing it for a cashless economy and have taken 23 important decisions to promote digital transactions.

PMs continuous silence in the winter session of the parliament has strengthened the voice of opposition. Earlier, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi claimed to have proofs against Modi’s involvement and went on to allege that he has evidence of PM Modi’s “personal corruption.” He also blamed the Modi government saying that they have not allowed him to speak in the lower house.

The Opposition, on the other hand, has been demanding a debate on demonetisation and asked for the voting clause in the discussion. However, it was denied by the government.