Thank You Tech Mahindra, For Firing A 'Homophobic', Islamophobic Executive

On Saturday, Tech Mahindra announced Gautam's departure from the organisation and also launched an investigation following Pramanik's complaint

After allegations of bigotry swarmed Tech Mahindra’s diversity and inclusion officer Richa Gautam, the IT firm announced that she was fired from the organisation. On September 9, former Tech Mahindra employee Gaurav Probir Pramanik, highlighted incidents where Gautam had exhibited homophobic and Islamophobic behaviour, during professional meetings and on social media.

In his internal complaint flagging Gautam, Pramanik reported a specific incident from 2015 which he had “promised” to raise once homosexuality was decriminalised on India. On September 6, the Supreme Court had read down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code — which criminalised gay sex.

As per Pramanik, who had reportedly had worked at Tech Mahindra’s Noida office between 2013 and 2016, Gautam had once in a meeting made outrageous statements such as “If your mother is a prostitute, you’re a prostitute,” and also said that gay men cry.

On Saturday, Tech Mahindra announced Gautam’s departure from the organisation and also launched an investigation following Pramanik’s complaint.

Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, also tweeted in support of Pramanik saying that the organisation’s Code of Conduct celebrates diversity.

After Gautam’s sacking, Pramanik made a statement where he claimed to have been “abused, threatened, and maligned” since he filed the complaint. Thanking the investigation team, he also probed Tech Mahindra to promote gender sensitivity within their organisation so as to prevent such incidents from occuring again.

Earlier, in the complaint, Pramanik also talked about Gautam claimed that the former’s “effeminate” behaviour affected his performance at work when really it was the “bullying and jeering” that he underwent at the organisation.

Following the reaction to his initial complaint, Pramanik posted screenshots from Gautam’s Twitter timeline — which was made private after the issue came to light — highlighting her Islamophobic remarks such as terming Islam as a “global pain”.