Tamil Nadu: Amid power tussle within AIADMK, Sasikala to begin 'new kind of protest'

Sasikala who has blamed the governor for delaying the process has affirmed that she start a new kind of protest from today.

As the political turmoil in the state of Tail Nadu refuses to die down, Sasikala Natarajan who was recently elected as the Legislative head of AIADMK asserted that she will begin a “new kind of protest” from February 12. The response came soon after she accused Tamil Nadu governor C Vidyasagar Rao for purposely delaying the swearing-in ceremony.

“From tomorrow onwards,we would begin a new kind of protest. Delaying tactics is an attempt to create divisions in the party. Please wait and watch,” Sasikala told the media. Meanwhile, Sasikala also visited the Golden Bay resort where at least 120 MLAs are kept hidden and are allegedly not allowed to leave the resort.

Asserting that Sasikala was extremely happy after meeting the MLAs, AIADMK tweeted saying that “the created time lag looks like it was intended to create a split in the party.” adding that all the AIADMK MLAs who were stationed at the resort were “fine” and “happy”.

Sasiskala further affirmed that all the required measures will be taken as soon as possible. Meanwhile,

The development came soon after education minister M Pandiarajan and four MPs backed Panneerselvam and left the Sasikala camp. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy who has lashed out at the governor for delaying the process also hed a meeting with him to discuss the current scenario in the state.

AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala Natarajan refuted all the charges levelled against her by the acting CM O. Panneerselvam. At the meeting held at the AIADMK headquarters, Sasikala told MLAs, nothing can break party’s unity and no force can break AIADMK. Clearing air about speculations of him joining other party Panneerselvam said that he had no plans to join any other party and that he had served AIADMK with utmost loyalty. Both of them have challenged to proved their majority in the Assembly.