Sushma Swaraj comes to the rescue again! This time for an Indian husband and Pakistani wife

Daniel married Silvia at United Pentecostal church in Lahore, Pakistan, in June 25, 2016 and later got their marriage registered

Be it within the country or abroad, External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj never fails to help the people in need. Sushma Swaraj has again come to rescue of a couple who is struggling to be together. An Indian national, who is struggling to be his Pakistani wife has asked for a help to reunite with her wife. Daniel Henry Devanur and Silvia Noreen’s marriage is facing diplomatic troubles as Silvia is a Pakistani national and Daniel has been unable to get a sponsorship certificate for his wife.

Daniel married his love, Silvia, at United Pentecostal church in Lahore, in June 25, 2016 and later got their marriage registered in Pakistan. A few days later, Daniel returned back and began the proceeding to bring his wife to India and has been struggling ever since.

Feeling helpless, Daniel tweeted to Sushma Swaraj to help him reunite with his wife. He said, “As the External Affairs Minister has helped many people in the past, I approached her.”

Daniel further asserted, “I have met MP Prahlad Joshi, the local tahsildar and officials at the Indian Embassy. All the gazetted officer has to do is sign on the sponsorship certificate, but every time I have approached an officer, they turned me down.”

MP Prahalad Joshi has confirmed that he had spoken with Daniel. He said, a letter has been sent to the foreign minister to help Daniel and has urged Swaraj to consider Daniel’s plea next week. We all are trying to help him, he added.

However, Joshi said that when Daniel had approached local gazetted officers, he had not notified the Indian embassy of his marriage.