Survey claiming Congress as 4th most corrupt Political Party in world is fake: BBC

Hours later, BBC India claimed that the entire survey is fake

A recently published survey under the name of ‘BBC’ went viral on the social media after it revealed some startling facts about the Indian National Congress. The survey exhibited the top ten corrupt parties across the world where the Sonia Gandhi-led Congress Party have been enlisted at the fourth position. The list has the names of other political parties from Uganda, Germany, Cuba, Italy, China, Vietnam and Russia.

A few hours after this survey report started getting circulated on Twitter, the editor of BBC India, Geeta Pandey took to her Twitter account and claimed that the entire survey is fake and BBC has not carried out any such data collection. Geeta wrote,”This is so fake @BBCNews @bbcindia @bbcnewsasia never does such surveys.”

A news website called BBC news Point  ( posted an article describing a survey of top 10 corrupt political parties of the world where Congress was at number 4. Apart from Congress, the list included Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, PML(N)- Pakistan, National Resistance Movement – Uganda, Vietnam’s Communist party, Kuomintang – China, Nationalist Fascist Party – Italy, Nazi Party – Germany, Communist Party of China- China, Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Russia.

Right after the article was published on the website, Twiterattis shared the list on their personal twitter handles and condemned Congress for this report.