Supreme Court has put a hold on admission process in IITs, NITs

IIT has awarded 11 extra marks to the students who took the JEE exam. The decision was taken to compensate for the three ‘ambiguous’ questions that were asked in the exam

The Supreme Court has put a hold on the admission process to Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), National Institue of Technology (NITs) and many other engineering colleges over giving bonus marks to the students this year in the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). The apex court’s order came out on Friday after a petition filed by the two students. The matter will be further heard on July 10.

The students filed the petition in the Supreme Court to seek court’s direction to IIT Madras to check the list of those who cleared the exam without giving them bonus marks. This year, IIT Madras conducted the JEE exam.

Halting the admission process which is underway, the court said, “If granting bonus marks is a problem, it has to be solved by us at the earliest.” The apex court also hinted that it might follow it’s 2005 verdict as per which the bonus marks were given only to students who have attempted those particular questions.

The JEE (Advanced) exam was conducted on May 21, the IIT has awarded 11 extra marks to the students who took the exam. The decision was taken to compensate for the three ‘ambiguous’ questions that were asked in the exam. Out of three, two questions were asked from mathematics section and one from Physics section.

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On the announcement made by the court, the IITs counsel said, “It is not possible to reevaluate the answer sheets of around 2.5 lakh students and awarding bonus marks was the most practical solution”.

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As many as 1.74 lakh students registered for the test this year. However, this is not the first time when IIT awarded the bonus marks to the students. In 2015 they were given extra marks for three questions and in 2015, extra marks were given for the one not very clear question.

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