41 Stories on demonetisation that PM Narendra Modi, Baba Ramdev don't want you to know

India is facing an acute cash crisis in wake of demonetisation. Here are some 'struggle stories' of people from across the country .

Demonetisation has created a huge cash crunch in the country and the people across the country can be seen standing in long queues outside banks and ATMs to withdraw cash. While some people have hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to combat corruption and black money, others are criticising him for not being prepared to deal with the situation.

The condition is so severe that over 40 deaths have been reported across the country so far. Middle-class and lower-middle-class people remain the worst affected section of the society.

Here are 41 stories on demonetisation that PM Narendra Modi, Baba Ramdev don’t want you to know:

1. While metros remain people in North East are suffering as well. Here’s a man in Kurseong has to say.

2. Here’s another view from North-East

3. A man in Gurgaon visited 46 ATMs, yet he was unable to find cash.

4. Cash crunch has forced ‘Kirana store’ owners to shut their shop

5. Not only people even animals are tired!

6. Banks in New Delhi’s Janakpuri are shutting down at 3:30 in the day. Has Cash crunch affected the banks too?

7. An old woman shares her story of demonetisation. Here’s what she has to say

8. Demonetisation has created issues for patients, who have been waiting in long queues outside hospitals.

9. Facebook user Sneha shares her #demonetisation story

10. Meanwhile, people in Chennai are suffering too.

11. Women in Jaunpur complain shares her story.

12. Shocking visuals from SBI Branch in Patna show that the entire country is suffering.

13. Heartening to see not all privileged people are insensitive towards the poor.

14. Meanwhile, there’s a backdoor transaction going on.

15. Endless queue in front of Banks and ATMs in Surat

16. An man dares Amit Shah to come Ahmedabad to face people’s anger

17. Noida teen shares his tale

18. A banker in Mohanlalganj, which is situated 25km from Lucknow, handed over a bag packed with Re 1 coins to Sarju devi, who went to the bank to exchange Rs 2,000 in old denominations. When 60-year-old woman repeatedly pleaded to take back the coins, as it would be of little help to her ailing son who’s suffering from end-stage abdominal-cancer, the woman banker replied, “either take it or go back”. (Source: Hindustan Times)

19. A garment factory in Chennai has no cash to page wages to its workers. A 37-year-old garment factory worker in Chennai, Usha Rani, was unable to feed her children and grandmother properly for three days as there was as she had no cash to buy even groceries. The employers deposit the wages of workers in banks, but long queues have hampered withdrawal. (Source: The Indian Express)

20. DeMonetisation from the bank itself?

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#BlackMoney #DeMonetisation from the bank itself. pic.twitter.com/QC0iUUsRgI

— Devu (@mid_day_tweet) November 17, 2016

21. Cash crunch is affecting the tourism in the country. While Pushkar fair witnessed a steep drop in the number of tourists and sales of artefacts and animals, tourist footfall at heritage locations in Jaipur and Udaipur too declined sharply. According to official figures, only 901 tourists visited Jaipur’s Nahargarh Fort on November 11 as against the usual number of 3,000. (Source: The Indian Express)

22. Cash crush has spoiled the show for Tollywood, where shootings for movies have either slowed down or come to a grinding halt. Release of two big-budget movies- Intlo Deyam-Nakem Bhayam, and Dhruva, which were scheduled to release on Thursday have now been postponed till December. (Source: The Indian Express)

23. Demonetisation has also affected the farmer’s market in Pune. Pune district’s Junnar taluka-based farmer Vasant Pimpale lost 11 tonnes of green chilli grown on 8 of his 15-acres land due lack of buyers in the market. “Till early this month, I used to dispatch roughly two tonnes of vegetables everydday to the Vashi wholesale market in Navi Mumbai. But after November 8, I am unable to send even 800 kg, as the traders have told me that there’s no demand,” he told the Indian Express.

24. Here’s another one

25. Note ban cost GDP Rs 25,000 crore: Amit Mitra
West Bengal finance and industry minister Amit Mitra said on Wednesday that the decision of the Narendra Modi government to demonetise notes of `500 and Rs 1,000 denominations has resulted in a loss of Rs 25,000 crore to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). (Source: Asian Age)

26. Man, in queue for cash, dies of heart attack in Delhi
In a tragic incident, a 48-year-old man suffered a cardiac arrest and died while standing in a queue for the third consecutive day to withdraw money from a bank. The deceased, identified as Saudu Rehman (48), died due to cardiac arrest after he was unable to withdraw money from the past three days in Ballimaran area of Old Delhi. (Source:Asian Age)

27. Police lathicharge crowd outside RBI
The Delhi police had a hard time managing long, winding queues outside banks and ATMs where people gathered to get cash after a week since the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on Tuesday. There were reports of police having to resort to “minor lathicharge” on people waiting outside the Reserve Bank of India here. (Source: Asian Age)

28. Farm credit dries up
Operations at Cooperative banks, the banking lifeline in rural India, have virtually come to a halt in Bengal soon after the demonetisation decision, choking the credit flow to farmers and robbing them of an avenue to convert their old notes. (Source: The Telegraph)

29. Cash hitch and hospital harass- Cheque refusal hurts families
Khagendranath Sarkar, 71, died of cerebral stroke at a private hospital in Mukundapur on Wednesday at 9.05am. The unpaid portion of his medical expenses was about Rs 90,000, which his family members wanted to pay by cheque because none of them apparently had a debit or a credit card with the required transaction limit. (Source: The Telegraph)

30. Destination cash queue across city
The trader from Tollygunge had been visiting one bank after another since the morning till he could find a relatively shorter queue outside the branch of a nationalised bank on Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road. “I could not open my store today. What else could I have done?” the owner of a surgical goods shop said. (Source: The Telegraph)

31. Hush descends on wedding bazaar- Cash crunch hits india’s biggest marriage market
Arjun and Shyam are playing cards on the pavement outside a shop that sells wedding lehengas and saris. In between, they glance up and down the street, scouting for customers. Some five to 10 persons walk past them, but none looks their way. Thanks to Narendra Modi’s demonetisation, there is a hush in the country’s biggest wedding market, with sales in the Chandni Chowk-Chauri Bazaar area dropping by over 90 per cent. (Source: The Telegraph)

32. Banker’s version of demonetisation: Alright I’ve had enough! I work at ***, rural area. And if tomorrow I have to tell another mother that we can’t give her enough cash for her child’s treatment, I will breakdown. If tomorrow I see another shivering old lady in the queue, I will breakdown. Because I can’t really look them in the eye and explain to them that it’s all for greater good and for national interest and that black money will go away. Black money or no black money. The system has always failed them every single time. And govt hospitals don’t exist everywhere, Pvt ones aren’t taking old currency, and for crying out loud your elitist asses wouldn’t trust a govt hospital either with the life of your loved ones. Please be honest. Please drop this elitism. This is NOT ‘inconvenience’. It’s a crime now. It’s a violation of human rights. (Source: Scoop Whoop)

33. On November 11, a couple in Mumbai lost their new-born son after a doctor refused to treat their child. The doctor refused to treat the baby as the couple wanted to pay a part of the fee in the old currency. (Source: DailyO)

34. The same day, 73-year-old Vishwanath Varthak died of a heart-attack while waiting in a queue outside an SBI ATM in Mumbai’s Mulund area.

35. The following day, father of a bride-to-be in Bihar died of a heart-attack after he failed to exchange his savings for new notes. He lost his life after the hospital he was rushed to refused to accept old currency notes. (Source: DailyO)

36. On November 12, a handicapped senior citizen was made to stand in queue for nearly three hours as the hospital where he was scheduled to have a surgery refused to accept notes in old denominations from him as a deposit. (Source: DailyO)

37. The same day, Delhi Police got nearly 4,500 calls for help till 6pm after cash-strapped people waiting in queues outside banks and ATMs resorted to violence. (Source: DailyO)

38. Stones were pelted at the staff of the IDBI bank’s Subzi Mandi branch in New Delhi. (Source: DailyO)

39. Uma Maheshwari, who works as a bus conductor in Karnataka had to spend an entire day working without food due to cash crunch. She also saw women with crying children struggling to break their Rs 500 into change and get them food. (Source: The Ladies Finger)

40. Lakshmi, who sells jasmine flowers on the road in Bangalore, said she had almost no business since PM Modi announced the demonetisation scheme. Her husband, who usually gets paid by the day, didn’t get paid either as his employers have no cash to give. (Source: The Ladies Finger)

41. Akhila, who is an advocate, says that now she has to think about where she is going to end up spending the little money that she does have on her. Instead of visiting the kirana store she is now forced to visit big stores that accept cards. (Source: The Ladies Finger)