Steep rise in rape cases in national capital, most rapists from Delhi and not migrants: Delhi Police report

The a Delhi Police has revealed some startling revelations including most alleged rapists are Del Delhiite and not migrants

With a number of reports of rape cases surfacing across the national capital and constant questions over woman safety has raised concerns across the country. Amid this, Delhi Police crime data has made a startling revelation stating that as opposed to what people might like to believe, most rapes are committed by Delhites and not immigrants.

According to a Hindustan Times report, from 2015 to October 15, 2016, 1,715 girls were raped among the 3,973 rape victims profiles that the Delhi Police possessed. The data further revealed that out of the 3,757 alleged rapists 250 of them were teenagers. Also, 227 girls that were raped were minors.

The report further stated that nothing much has changed since the 2012 Delhi Gangrape case jolted the national capital adding that 468 rape survivors were below 12-year-old. Research from January 2015 to October 2016 show that 555 of the alleged rapists were migrants or people who were not from Delhi. Also, most of the rapists were either school dropouts or not educated at all. While 2% of the rapists possessed a graduate or post graduate degree.

80%  of the rapists arrested belonged to Delhi and were not migrants. The police are reportedly figuring the locations that are most unsafe for women and are also making efforts that a case is registered without further delay. The Delhi Police is also considering to induct more women police in the team.

The police is also planning to install CCTV cameras in the areas that are identified as “unsafe” places. They have also reportedly upload the photos of “habitual sex offenders” on their website. They are making sure that the charge sheet is filed within 20 days.