Spotted cheating in UP board exams? Lodge a complaint on this WhatsApp number

A new WhatsApp number has been released to register complaints to keep on check on cheating in Uttar Pradesh board examinations

With a number of incidents of students who were caught cheating recently, a new Whatsapp number has been released for registering cheating related complaints in order to keep a strict check incidents of cheating in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh Board Examinations.

The number that has been released is 9454457241. This comes hours after reports of an English paper being postponed and the administrators blacklisting two centres in Mathura surfaced. In an incident that raised massive concerns, class 10 students were caught on camera cheating during Maths examinations in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh last week.

In a video that went viral, students were caught using carbon copies to copy the answer sheets that had been made available to them.

Not only Uttar Pradesh, but not too long ago a report of board official teaching students ways to cheat also made headlines. A Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board official was allegedly passing on tips and teaching ways in which they can cheat in the exams even under heavy scrutiny.

Mukesh Pancholi went on to tell the group that they could successfully cheat by peeping into the answers but by different angles to avoid getting caught because of the cameras installed. He even said that the teachers can also help the students peep into answer sheets of other students and help them. He further asserted that people can just cut off the CCTV wires of the camera and avoid the trouble that the camera can cause.