Soon, no petrol for those who drive without helmet in Lucknow

This new rule of not providing petrol to those who ride vehicles without the helmet will become effective from May 21 in Lucknow. The step has been taken to create awareness about wearing helmets

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Lucknow has come up with a new method to ensure safety and security of those driving two-wheelers in the city. As per the latest order, those driving two-wheelers without the helmet will not be able to refill their vehicles at the petrol pumps in the city.

According to a report in the Times of India, Deepak Kumar, SSP Lucknow came up with the policy after a meeting with Lucknow Petrol Pump Dealers’ Association on Wednesday. This new rule will become effective from May 21. Deepak Kumar said the step has been taken to make people aware of dangers of not wearing the helmet.

The SOs/SHOs have been ordered to brief the filling staff at the petrol pumps for a trial run of three days. They will be instructed on how to behave with those bike riders who come to petrol pump sans helmet and even advice them on how not wearing helmets can prove to be dangerous. Those who still do not pay heed will not be given the fuel.

SSP said, “SIs will challan those who not wearing helmets,”. In order to ensure that the security at the petrol pumps, he said, “We will provide pumps with adequate force.” Cameras installed at the petrol pumps will also help in enforcing this new rule strictly.

On this new move, Ranjit Kumar, president, Lucknow Petrol Pumps Association said, “We have decided to make posters and symbols to create awareness about wearing helmets at our pumps and make sure it is implemented strictly across the city.