Someone asked Sushma Swaraj's husband about her salary, his response will make you ROFL

Someone on Twitter asked Sushma Swaraj's husband about her salary, what he responded will leave you in splits. Check here

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is known for her epic responses to her trolls on Twitter.  However, as it turns out, her husband, Governor Swaraj if not more, is equally amusing and hilarious as she is which makes the couple all the more special. A number of curious Twitter users often put forth their question about Sushma Swaraj to Governor Swaraj and the responses that they receive is supremely entertaining.

This time again, someone on Twitter asked Governor Swaraj about her wife’s salary and he, as expected had a kickass response to give. “Look, don’t ask my age and Madam’s salary. These are bad manners,” one of the responses said.

Wait. There’s more.

When the person probably asked again, he said, “If you want a donation, ask directly. Why are you asking for salary?”

While the salary conversation did end there, you cannot help but read other responses he has to give the users. Someone asked him to suggest a way to meet him, he asked him to go to jail and come to him later because he is a lawyer. No Kidding.  “As soon as police calls you, please contact me. I am a lawyer,” he said.

Governor Swaraj who clearly had a ball responding to the users also went on to announce that he was blocking one person his wife has blocked in the most hilarious way. Have a look:

Also, this response by Governor Swaraj is probably every husband ever.

Isn’t he way too funny?