She is no glam doll, yet she has 7 lakh FB fans: This Chhattisgarh cop deserves a standing ovation

Smita Tandi says a personal tragedy forced her to open a Facebook account last year.

All you social media addicts, who cannot put their eyes away from what celebs wear on the red carpet and their fancy hairdos, here’s a page of a rockstar you must follow. Well, lets warn you, she wears no make up or shares any fashion tips. Yet, she has 7 lakh-plus fans on her Facebook page.  She stays in a rented house, is a police constable by profession. But, an interesting fact about her will leave you in utter shock. This is her story.


Meet Smita Tandi, who is a constable in Chhattisgarh police. An interesting thing to note is that she has achieved such massive popularity within 20 months of opening her account. Also, she has not spent a single penny to gain followers.

Smita Tandi, Facebook

A screenshot of Smita Tandi’s Facebook account. (Photo: Facebook/Smita Tandi)

Smita did not open her Facebook account for chit-chat, but for a noble cause. In 2013, her father fell ill while she was undergoing police training. He was also a police constable, but was given compulsory retirement in 2007 after he had an accident. Due to financial problems, he could not avail best treatment and died. As a result, she felt the need to help those people who cannot afford medical treatment due to shortage of money, The Hindustan Times reported.

Smita and her friends started a group in 2014 to help the needy. The group members used to collect money for the needy and inform them about government initiatives as well. A year later, Smita opened her Facebook account. Initially, people did not pay much attention to her posts on social media, but gradually she started getting response.

Smita says whenever she comes to know about any such medical case near Bhilai, Raipur and adjoining areas, she personally visits the aggrieved and verifies the facts before posting anything on social media. She then collects money from the people who contribute towards the cause “Till now, I have helped 25 needy people through this initiative,” she told the website.

The lady cop is active on social media and regularly posts on various social issues. Her skills worked to her advantage and now she is deployed in the social media women’s complaint cell in Bhilai.