Interview: Former BJP MLA Yatin Oza continues to make wild allegations against Amit Shah's associates

Yatin Oza is alleging that close associates of Amit Shah are exchanging black money at discounted rate. He claims to possess a video which he will reveal only before Gujarat elections next year

Yatin Oza, former mentor of Amit Shah, a self-confessed member of Narendra Modi’s “kitchen cabinet” during his reign in Gujarat has claimed that he has some damning evidence against BJP President Amit Shah’s associates. He has gone to town about a video purportedly showing Amit Shah’s close aide exchanging  black money in the form of  Rs 500, and Rs 1000 notes at discounted rates.  Yatin Oza, who is now a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, says he has received a video evidence from “someone very responsible”.

(We cannot independently verify Oza’s claims about possessing such a video. When we asked him if he would share it with the media, he said he would only share it with two people. He also promised to get back on the names soon. ) got in touch with him. We asked him if he really has the video evidence, why hasn’t he yet revealed its content:”I will release it before Assembly Elections in Gujarat i.e in October 2017 because public memory is too short and they won’t remember this.”

He makes several accusations in his letter to the Prime Minister.

Accusation No 1: Amit Shah’s associates are exchanging black money worth Rs 1 crore in their offices and residence

He makes these allegations in an open letter to Narendra Modi, which has now gone viral. Accusing Amit Shah’s associates he writes:

“I have a video recording with me which will clearly and beyond reasonable doubt prove that all the near and close associates of Shri Amit Shah since 8th Nov till today are engaged into exchange business. There is a big queue outside their office and residence for conversion of black money into white at a discounted rate of 37%, people have queued up outside their office and residence. One has to go without identity with at least a sum of Rs. 1 Crore which will be counted by the employees and a bag containing Rs. 63 lakhs of valid denomination would be handed over. (sic)”

Accusation No 2: PM Modi’s close aide’s in Gujarat knew about demonetisation decision beforehand

However, he denies that he is doing this as a member of the Aam Aadmi Party. He also alleges that many black money hoarders in Gujarat were already in the know of the Prime Minister’s November 9 announcement  in which he declared all existing Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes null and void. Oza alleges that many of the black money hoarders had given orders worth crores of rupees  jeweller shops.

Accusation Number 3: Gujarat Co-operative banks under people sympathetic to BJP. They illegally disbursed money a day ahead of the announcement.

Another allegation he makes in his letter to the Prime Minister is about the co-operative banks being under people committed to BJP. He writes: “These banks right from 9 PM on 8/11/2016 till 5 AM on 9/11/2016 exchanged Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes against smaller denomination. You had through RBI called for the details of exact cash with denominations from all banks of the country on 08/11/2016. You yourself get it verified the veracity of my above statement. I assure you that if I am proved wrong I will tender a public apology.”

His demands as made in his letter and interview with us:

  • CCTV footages in jewellery shops for 7 and 8 November be checked to track down all those who gave big orders.
  • Check the purchase of Gold on 7 and 8 November. 
  • Take action against co-operative banks
  • Inform the people of India by disclosure on the official website of Government of India about disclosure of above 1 Crore.  

He adds: “I am sure that not one chairman or MD or director of first 300 fortune companies of India would make a disclosure and if they don’t than my allegations stands proved.”  He said if no immediate action is taken on these fronts, he might file a PIL in the court.

Listen to the whole interview here: