Sholay in real life! This new age Viru climbed 30 ft hoarding to win back his love

The Police termed his act akin to the " suicide scene enacted by Viru" in bollywood blockbuster Sholay

A 25-year-old man tried to salvage his broken engagement with a woman in a filmy fashion. The man identified as Harun climbed on a 30 feet high advertising unipole on the Delhi-Saharanpur Road in Loni and threatened suicide as the kins of her ex-fiancee were opposed to the marriage.

According to police, Harun’s engagement was broken only a day before, his climbing the unipole was his desperate attempt to win back the woman. The Police termed his act akin to the ” suicide scene enacted by Viru” in bollywood blockbuster Sholay.

“I will jump off if I am not allowed to marry the girl I love’,” The man was shouting on the unipole. Initially, Police requested him to come down but he remained adamant and threatened to jump. By that time a huge crowd had gathered and resulted in a traffic jam on the road.

Subsequently, police arranged a huge tarpaulin sheet and spread it under the unipole, which was held by policemen and and onlookers to ensure the man on the police landed safely.

Several cops climbed the unipole and tied Harun to a rope to avoid any injuries in case he jumped. He was kicked by the policemen to make him let go of the advertisement grills. After several such kicks, the man lost his grip and fell straight down where the locals had arranged a huge tarpaulin to break his fall, reports Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, Harun has been booked under Section 151 of the IPC (arrest to prevent the commission of cognizable offences) and has been sent to jail.