Shobhaa De's comment on Major Gogoi sparks fresh row on Twitter, here's what the socialite said

Shobhaa De made her views clear on the controversy surrounding Major Nitin Gogoi and singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya

Celebrity novelist Shobhaa De may be headed for a new controversy. The 69 year old columnist, who is known for not mincing her words, has questioned people who are hailing Major Nitin Gogoi as the national Hero for his ‘human shield action’ in Kashmir. “Major Gogoi, a national hero? Really? Take a straw poll across India to find out the truth, if you have the courage,” she said in a tweet.

The officer who belong to the 53 Rashtriya Rifles was on Monday awarded the Indian Army chief’s ‘commendation card’ for his ‘sustained efforts’ in counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir. However, many people see the honour as government’s validation of Gogoi’s action in Kashmir. Major Gogoi came into limelight after a video showing a Kashmiri man tied to an army jeep started doing rounds on social media. Gogoi’s action sparked a major debate on social media over correctness of methods employed by Indian army. After the hue and cry, army ordered a probe into the incident, result of which is still awaited.

The Socialite also gave a royal ignore to the hullabaloo surrounding Abhijeet Bhattacharya, the Bollywood singer whose twitter account was supended in light of his repeated abusive comments on woman.

” Abhijeet B? Who dat? What dat? Why dat? IGNORE !” she tweeted.

De was at the receiving end of social media users after  she fat-shamed a policeman on duty during the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections in February. While the Mumbai Police gave it back to her politely, other Twitter users slammed her for her ‘insensitive comments’.