Shobhaa De shares GST bill, gets trolled on Facebook and Twitter. Here's why

Columnist Shobhaa De was once again trolled on Twitter and Facebook for her tweet, which attempted to mock the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Columnist Shobhaa De was once again trolled on Twitter and Facebook for yet another ignorant tweet, where she attempted to mock the newly launched tax regime Goods and Services Tax (GST). She shared a photo of a bill after a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee launched GST and captioned it, “GST ke side effects. Unaffordable idlis.”

Wondering what is the problem with the bill? After Shobhaa De shared the photo on social media, she was mercilessly trolled for two reasons, one that the picture she shared was of not Idli, instead the bill was for ghee pongal and a coffee. And the other reason for bashing her was that after GST the actual price has decreased and not increased!

According to the photo, both the items costed Rs 75 and after adding 18% GST, the bill went up to Rs 88.50, following which the noted author and columnist shared the photo on Twitter.

Earlier when GST was not applicable, then the Value Added Tax (VAT) was 12.5-14.5% plus service tax 6%, so presently 18.5%-20.5% is now reduced to 18%. De clearly missed the whole point.

A Facebook page named India Against Stupidity added De’s photo and wrote: “I thought of replying to her on Twitter that previously what was Vat (12.5-14.5%) plus service tax 6%, so 18.5%-20.5% is now reduced to 18%.

But then someone who doesn’t understand the difference between Pongal and Idli, we understand that the person may have difficulty in understanding the fairly complicated and new tax reform. But going all out and bashing the reform without understand what it is all about is plain silly, no?

Apart from the Facebook page, even the Twitterati was left irked and here’s how they reacted:

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