Shashi Tharoor's trending because of this epic takedown of the British Raj

Shashi Tharoor took a strong stand for India saying that Britains suffer from "historical amnesia” and have forgotten the atrocities caused by them

Former Indian diplomat and Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor has time and again expressed his views on the colonial Britain and has nailed it with his argument every time.  During his speech at the Oxford Union, Shashi Tharoor lashed out at the Britain and went on to explain as to why Britain actually owes India. The undeniable charm and a powerful argument made waves in no time.

This time again, while speaking on his latest book ‘Inglorious Empire’, Tharoor said that Britons suffer from “historical amnesia”. He further said that he no only has grievances with the Brits but also with the Indian who are good at forgetting and forgiving. Tharoor stressed on the fact that the Britons have probably forgotten how they “destroyed India through looting, expropriation”.

In what could be termed as an extremely fierce interview, Shashi Tharoor while speaking to Channel 4, affirmed that it was important to know the history while adding that the students in England are not taught the about the colonial history and that they are completely unaware of the horror caused by the British in India.  “If you don’t know where you come from, how will you appreciate where you are going? “Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world (India) in the early 18th century and reduced it, after 200 years of plunder, to one of the poorest,” he said.

He took on the Brits saying that the fact the “children doing A-levels in history don’t know a single line of colonial history,” is probably why the English believe that they did a “favour” by colonising us.

You can watch the interview here: