Sehwag, Hooda should know that no one deserves to go through what I did: Gurmehar Kaur

Gurmehar Kaur has penned down a powerful blog where she speaks about the harrowing experience and that she will continue speaking her mind

Kargil martyr’s daughter, Gurmehar Kaur who faced severe backlash on social media after she expressed her stand against violence that occurred at Ramjas violence in the month of February was trolled into silence. So much so that she had to leave the city till the matter cooled down. People made deliberate attempts to silence her idealism and her opinion. However, she is in no mood to be silenced yet again.

In a blog post for the Hindustan Times, Gurmehar Kaur came forward to speak about her harrowing experience after the video where she holds a placard that says, “Pakistan did not kill my dad, the war did.” went viral on media. She was targetted and even given rape threats for advocating peace. The matter was blown out of proportion where she became nothing but a butt of jokes.

Gurmehar Kaur has now penned down a poem where she affirms that she was in no mood to cow down to the trolls anymore and no matter what she will speak her mind.

“You unleashed your fury with unforgiving zeal, with vicious propaganda. You did not spare a moment — not even one thought — in your attempts to troll me. You don’t even know who I am or what I’ve been through. All you know is how to have fun at somebody else’s expense, even if that’s an ordinary, college-going student. You want me raped. You want me dead. You think I deserve to be humiliated like the Delhi braveheart who was raped and killed after an iron rod was shoved up her private parts.,” she wrote.

She even hit out at personalities including Kiren Rijiju, Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda who didn’t twice before trolling her.

“I did not know you, Kiren Rijiju, till I Googled you and was surprised to find a minister trying to bully me. You have an amazing number of followers. You even got actor Randeep Hooda — sigh, like most young girls, I too had a crush on him — to go on an emoji overdrive. Why? Because I said, Pakistan didn’t kill my father, the war did. For Rijiju, Hooda and the army of anonymous trolls who don’t dare reveal their identities, I’d say it again: I want peace with Pakistan,” Kaur said.

She concluded asserting that “hate bullets” were only strengthening her resolves and that she will continue to speak her mind regardless of the trolls. Also, she stated that she was also looking for legal options against the website who were part of the trolling process.

“I am now an anti-troll soldier and I’ll keep fighting. I know right from wrong. And, yes, I’m making a list of people and websites that hurled abuse at me and am exploring my legal options. In the end, thank you for helping me add followers. From 30, they’ve shot up to over 55,000. I’ll make sure I speak my mind,” she concluded.

You read the entire post here.