'Scared to study in U.S', Indian students have second thoughts about studying in U.S post Kansas shooting

Days after an Indian Techie was shot dead in US in an apparent hate crime, some Indian students are rethinking their decision about studying in the US.

Following the racist attack and hate crime in the Kansas state of the United States, the Indian students are reportedly having second thoughts about their plans to study in America. Sparking uproar over the recent Kansas shooting where an Indian techie,  Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead by an American, some students in India are unsure whether they should go ahead with their plans of studying in Donald Trump-led United States.

Washington post quoted an Indian student saying that “Everyone is nervous” post the recent attacks. The student from the prestigious Indian Institue of Technology sais, “I would be scared to study in the U.S, Did you read the newspapers yesterday? Two Indians were shot.”

Relatives of the deceased Indian has blamed United States President Donald Trump for the racial attack. The late Indian techie’s father also urged the parents of the Indian student to not send their children t study in the U.S considering that they might not be safe in the country.

The report added that some of the students were frantically changing their plans from studying in US to studying in Australia or Canada. “I used to think of America as a place where there is greater racial equality than exists in India, Now people are afraid. There is inequality. There is racism,” the daily quoted a young student as saying. Some of the students also allegedly said that they would have considered going to the country to pursue further education had Hillary Clinton won the election but is extremely doubtful of studying in US under Donald Trump’s reign.

Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed and two others were injured after anUS Navy veteran in an apparent hate crime at a bar in Olathe city of Kansas. The shooter, Adam Purinton, reportedly got into an argument with the victims in the terms of racism, and shouted “get out of my country”, “terrorist” before shooting them.