#SayWhat: Murder Convict Celebrates Birthday In Uttar Pradesh Jail

Singh said that a knife, lighter and candles were also provided by the jail staff

When Shivendra Singh, a prisoner in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad town, turned 40, he decided to celebrate his birthday behind the bars on July 23. Interestingly though, a video of the celebration was filmed and somehow leaked out of the prison.

The video, which went viral, shows Singh, blowing the candles on a cake, cutting it and offering it to a person behind the camera. He has reportedly been a prisoner at the Faizabad district jail for the last six months on the charge of murder. While on his way to the court for a hearing, Singh told the local media that the celebrations were facilitated by the jail authorities.

He said,

“All things were made available to me by Jailor Vinay Kumar. His staff made my video and promised me that it would be made available. But, it was leaked by the staff. Rs 1 lakh was taken from me for it. No facilities will be provided from today.”

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Singh added that a knife, lighter and candles were also provided by the jail staff, however, all items were allegedly seized five minutes after a raid was conducted by the Faizabad district magistrate and the police.

According to advocate Martand Pratap Singh, the birthday celebrations took place outside the jail barracks. He said,

“The birthday celebrations took place outside the jail barracks of Ashfaqullah Khan. The jailor started demanding Rs. 1 lakh every month for availing such facilities, to which Shivendra refused. The jailor then threatened to reveal the matter and file a complaint.”

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According to an NDTV report, Singh also said that contraband such as mobile phones is also available inside the prison at a price. The police have now launched an inquiry into the matter.