#SaveIndiaFromBJP: Opposition parties plan strategy to unite against BJP ahead of Monsoon session

Opposition parties are upping their game and trying to come up with more fashionable ways to take down BJP. This time they are using a common hashtag

The Monsoon Session of Parliament is all set to begin from July 17, the day when the election for India’s 14th President will be conducted. With the Monsoon Session round the corner, the opposition parties are reportedly coming together to take on the ruling NDA government. It was earlier reported that the opposition parties may unite against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and field candidate for President’s post against BJP’s candidate.

As per a report in The Indian Express, the opposition parties are planning to build a strategy to counter the BJP’s social media game. Instead of floating separate hashtags, the opposition parties are planning to come together to collectively start a trend and use one common hashtag to take the BJP down on social media. One of these hasgtags that is currently being used by opposition parties is #SaveIndiaFromBJP. Leaders including Trinamool Congress’ Derek O’Brien and Aam Aadmi Party’s Ankit Lal have tweeted against the BJP using this hashtag.

However, this is not the first time that a common hashtag is being used to protest against the BJP. Earlier, when BJP national president Amit Shah called Mahatma Gandhi a “Chatur Baniya”, Opposition lashed out at the leader and started tweeting against him with #MahatmaGandhi hashtag.

While addressing an event in Chhattisgarh, Amit Shah had said that Mahatma Gandhi was a clever Baniya and knew what was going to happen. “Bahut chatur baniya tha woh, usko maloom tha aage kya hone waala hai,” he had said.

The Monsoon Session, which begins with the election of the President, will end around August 10-11. It is being ensured all the MPs and MLAs who are eligible to vote are in Delhi for the election, where they would cast their votes in Parliament. The BJP has nominated Ram Nath Kovind, the former governor of Bihar, as its candidate for the post of the President. Meanwhile, the Opposition has fielded Meira Kumar as its candidate for the post.