Saddened by Gorakhpur tragedy that killed 63, 15-year-old girl to fundraise for oxygen

As many as 63 children lost their lives due to lack of oxygen supply in a Gorakhpur hospital.

In an incredible gesture, a 15-year-old schoolgirl has started a charity to provide oxygen to the poor after over 60 people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen supply at a Gorakhpur hospital in Uttar Pradesh. The incident caused a massive uproar with people demanding strict action the negligence caused while raising questions on the state’s healthcare centres.

The teenage girl identified as Khushi Chandra asserted that the incident could have averted had proper steps were taken. “This tragedy was something that could have been prevented. This is very personal for me as it happened right at my doorstep.No child can be denied the right to life, and in this case the right to breathe,” she said in a statement. As an accountable citizen of my city and my country, I feel responsible towards ensuring such tragedies do not happen again,” Khushi was quoted as saying.

She further stated that Indians should come together and help the under-resourced hospitals and try to provide basic thing like oxygen. The former principal of BRD Medical college hospital, Dr Rajiv Mishra and his wife were arrested after a FIR was filed by the government in connection with the several deaths caused due to encephalitis.

Some of the parents alleged that they had a hard time finding a doctor and were nade to run from one place to another to arrange for the basic necessities at the hospital. Some parents also claimed that the doctors harassed and some of the dead bodies were just handed over to the parents without telling the cause of the death.

“On August 8 and 9, they asked me to get 30 ml and 40 ml of blood. I went to the blood bank and donated my blood to get it. I asked them what had happened, again they did not speak a word. At 8 pm on August 9, they just came to me and told me my son had died. They handed over the body and told me to take it. No doctor told me why my son had died,” a parent was quoted as saying.