Roadies Gang Leader Sandeep Singh: Never Considered Myself As A Real Hero

Hockey champion Sandeep Singh makes his TV debut with this reality show.

The latest season of Roadies journey kick-started last week. While Rannvijay Singh is back as the ringmaster, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, Raftaar and Sandeep Singh are seen as the gang leaders. Following the theme of ‘Real Heroes’ this year, the journey also has three youngsters, who have worked for the betterment of society, as contestants.

Hockey champion Sandeep Singh makes his TV debut with this reality show. Also known as Flicker Singh, the ex-Indian hockey captain had faced a major blow in his career, when he was accidentally shot, leaving him bed-ridden. But Sandeep fought the circumstances only to emerge stronger. His inspirational journey was recently projected on the big screen through the film Soorma.

A real-life real hero for the world, Sandeep recently spoke exclusively to about his Roadies journey, his strategy and competition.

Excerpt from the conversation…

While competition is not new to you, how was your association with Roadies Real Heroes?

I had a blast doing the show. Being a sportsperson, I am very competitive but I also use my mind. Many people felt I was withdrawn during the auditions. But that’s because I wanted to understand the game before I showed my cards. Also, I really don’t believe in talking a lot. I wanted to put across important facts which the contestants could comprehend. But you will see a new Sandeep in the Roadies journey. I also feel all my experience in hockey helped me in taking quick decisions through the course of the show.

What was your strategy before you started your Roadies journey?

I always believe that losing is not the end of the game. Haarta wahi hai jo try karta hai (the ones who lose, are the one who at least try). Also, since the theme of the season was Real Heroes, I really wanted the contestants to find the hero in them. Everyone has a special quality and I wanted to help them find theirs.

You are a real hero in real life. The contestants must have been looking up to you. Did that add any pressure on you?

I have never considered myself as a real hero, and neither I will ever. I am as normal as anyone on the show. But the fact is that I have already achieved things in life but this is just a start for them. This was the first time these contestants were on national TV, and I wanted that it leads them only towards the best.

Apart from competition, reality shows also demands a lot to up the entertainment…

Oh, I have done everything. Even I was surprised that I stepped out of my zone and did a lot of fun stuff. And I definitely enjoyed all of it.

In the first episode, we saw you choosing Prince Narula as your biggest competition. What was the reason behind that?

Everyone was a competition for me in the journey. All of them have already done the show while I am the new one. As for Prince, he has been on the show, and even won it. He knows the game quite well and definitely holds a chance in the show. When Rannvijay (Singh) asked us to name one, I wrote Prince, in accordance to that moment. But that doesn’t mean I take the others lightly.

Now that you’ve successfully attempted a season, will you be open to being the gang leader again?

Definitely. I really had a great time and I would love to do this again.

Roadies Real Heroes airs every Sunday, 7 pm on MTV.

Interviewed by Sana Farzeen