The Story Of India's Killer Roads In Numbers

Nearly 1.5 lakh individuals lose their lives in road accidents in India annually. Over the last decade, India has lost 1.3 million people to road accidents

At least 56 pedestrians are killed on Indian roads every day.

These shocking figures have been revealed in a latest govt study. Data has revealed 20, 457 pedestrians were killed across India in 2017.

Since 2014, the number of pedestrians killed on Indian roads has jumped by 66%. Most pedestrian deaths were reported from Tamil Nadu (3507 deaths) followed by Maharashtra (1831) and Andhra Pradesh (1379).

Roads in India are notoriously unsafe and prone to accidents.

Each year, nearly 1.5 lakh individuals lose their lives in road accidents in India.  In the last one decade alone, India has lost 1.3 million people to road accidents.

In September last year, a ‘Report on Road Accidents in India 2016’, published by Transport Research wing under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, revealed that more people died on roads accidents in India in 2016, as compared to the number of deaths in 2015. Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu shared the top spot for a maximum number of deaths this year.

During 2016, 13 States accounted for 86 per cent of the total road accidents in the country. These are Tamil Nadu, MP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, UP, AP, Rajasthan, Telangana, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Haryana. Similarly, 13 States accounted for 84 per cent of the total persons killed in road accidents during 2016. These are UP, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, MP, AP, Gujarat, Telangana, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana and Bihar, a government release issued last year, said.

Why is no one talking about road safety?