Reporters fume as Bombay HC judge asks 'if jeans and T-shirts are appropriate clothes to wear to court'

Bombay HC judge just made controversial statement asking the reporters present on the court if jeans and t-shirts were appropriate clothes to wear to court

In a first, a Bombay High Court Chief Justice Manjula Chellur lashed out a reporter in the court for wearing jeans while asking her if it were the right clothes to wear to the court. Following which, the other journalists who were present in the court walked out of the court and have expressed their disappointment on their social media handles.

According to media reports, Manjula asked the reporter wearing a t-shirt and jeans if it was “Bombay culture” to wear such clothes to the court. “Is it Bombay culture to wear jeans and T-shirts and come to cover the court,” the Bombay High Court Chief justice asked the reporter.

Manjula Chellur made this statement during the hearing of the issue of doctor’s strike in Maharashtra. Here’s what the journalists had to say post this development:

At least 10 reporters were present in the court. If reports are to be believed, the reporters are thinking about taking up the matter to Cheif Justice of Supreme Court. In 2015, journalists wearing sleeveless clothes were not allowed to enter Bombay High Court. Apparently, the police were only following a notice that said people wearing indecent clothes should not be allowed to enter the courtroom.