Regular traffic offenders? Delhi Traffic cops will soon sing patriotic songs, bhajans to educate you

If you are someone who is a habitual traffic offender, Delhi Traffic cops have come up with the idea of imparting a musical therapy.

If you are someone who regularly jumps signals or drives over the speed limit or basically are an habitual traffic offender, prepare yourselves for the most unique traffic lesson ever. The Delhi Traffic police is planning to teach the regular offender a lesson by adding singing patriotic songs and bhajans in their traffic program.

The Delhi Traffic police recently announced that they are planning to add music lessons in their training programme for the offenders. For people who are not aware of the training program that they are talking about, we’ve got you covered. When you violate or break any traffic rules, including overspeeding, driving without a valid driving license and drunk driving, you have to attend a training program to collect your seized documents after you’ve paid the challan.

It is during this training program that the Delhi traffic cops plan to give you a musical therapy along with the other traffic rule lessons. The Delhi Traffic cop told a leading daily that they wished that the traffic offenders should get a sense of satisfaction while receiving the training.

“Patriotic songs, bhajans, prayer songs and songs with good emotional value, along with the educational part. These will be played during the training time,” a Delhi Traffic cop said.

They believe that the engaging songs and bhajans will urge them to follow the lessons being transmitted with more concentration. Also, it should be noted the songs that will be played during the training sessions will not contain any item numbers but only the ones that would carry a positive and emotional message.

However, this plan has not been put into implementation as yet. A proposal in this regard has been put forth for an approval. If all goes well they will soon have their music systems ready.

Well, looks like Delhiites have to be well prepare to face the music.