Rats consumed 25 kgs of marijuana and liquor from warehouse, says Nagpur Police

As per the Nagpur Police, rats are the reason why 25 kgs of Marijuana and huge stash of liquor bottle have gone missing in godown

As strange as it may sound, Nagpur Police have apparently blamed rats for consuming 25 kgs of marijuana and a huge amount of alcohol. And we’re not even kidding. This explanation comes after a huge stash of marijuana and liquor were found missing from a godown in Nagpur.

The police officials have come up with a logic that since rats are a big menace in the area there is a possibility of them destroying the drugs and alcohol and even consuming it for that matter. 25 kgs of marijuana and 25 bottles of liquor were kept in a warehouse near Nagpur railway station.

According to reports, the marijuana and alcohol were kept in the warehouse for over a decade and had been accumulating over the years. They illegals were recovered by police officials from smugglers. “The seized commodities were measured five years ago. It would be difficult for us to confirm if there has been any pilferage. We do not have proper storage facilities for seized items, and we are at times forced to keep the drug on the floor, and maybe some rats could have been damaging the pouches in which the marijuana is kept,” senior inspector Abhay Panhekar told Mumbai Mirror adding that alcohol bottles could have also been damaged by the rats.

The police officials further affirmed that they were probing the matter and that would soon install CCTV cameras in the warehouse. Nagpur police had recently recovered 110kg of marijuana and alcohol worth Rs 2 crore.