Ramdev has plans to save Indian cows, and it is hi-tech

Ramdev had given a proposal to invest Rs 500 crore in four mega-shelters for cows

Yoga teacher Ramdev is planning to boost the productivity of cows and ensure increased production of the female offspring by opting for an artificial insemination programme for the ‘sacred animal’. As per reports, artificial insemination programme will be run with semen from Brazilian bulls and the technical support will be given by US and Dutch experts.

The programme aims at producing 92 per cent female offspring in India. Ramdev’s idea behind the programme is that the more will be the number of milch cows, fewer will be the animals that will end up in the slaughter house. “We need to improve the pedigree of cows by giving them rich feed and taking proper care of them,” Ramdev said in an interview.

Earlier as well, Ramdev had given a proposal to invest Rs 500 crore in four mega-shelters for cows. He had recently said that Patanjali will soon foray into dairy business, even hoping that the sector will cross the Rs 5 lakh crore mark by 2022.

“Patanjali is set to enter the dairy business and in this financial year, production will start in three dairy plants – one each in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh,” Ramdev had said.

He had claimed that he had seen that the food being given to cattle contains 1-4 per cent urea which had an adverse impact on more than 50 per cent of bovine in the country.

He further added that the Patanjali Group would also roll out natural manure which shall contain micro nutrient, vitamins etc for crops.

He had also repeatedly assured that the company will never roll out unhealthy products in the market. “I will never bring unhealthy items in the market, like meat, liquor, non-veg items which are harmful,” he had said.

He has been claiming that more than 250 products including flour, medicine, rice are sold by Patanjali on ‘no-profit no loss’ which helps in rising prices of essential items.