Rajasthan: Man asks ATM to dispense Rs 3500, gets Rs 70k in return. And he's not the only one!

This ATM in Rajasthan gave people more cash than what people originally asked for. The bank officials claimed it was a "glitch."

While the people across the country went through massive cash crunch because the ATMs were running dry post demonetisation, this ATM in Rajasthan is now making a lot of people happy by surprising them with extra cash. Except, it is not on purpose.

This man residing in the Tonk village of Rajasthan received the biggest shock when the ATM dispensed Rs 70,000 cash instead of Rs 3500 that he actually asked for. The man identified as Jitesh Diwakar was not the only one who received the cash but was the only one to inform the bank about it.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, a number of people who queued up to withdraw cash received a lot more than what they typed in. While most of them chose not to report the issue, Jitesh Diwakar approached Bank of Baroda and informed them about the issue. The report further stated that the ATM had dispensed Rs 6.76 lakh by the time it was shut adding that over 10 people had benifitted from the apparent glitch.

Meanwhile, the bank officials claimed that the new Rs 2000 currency notes were stashed in the Rs 100 notes section. After which, the ATM started dispensing extra cash after technical “malfunction”. The bank has also reportedly registered a complaint against the people who received extra cash and are making efforts to get the money back.

“The shopkeepers told me that people coming to the ATM were leaving wit smiles on their faces. After tracking these people we will ask them to return the extra cash,” bank official Harishankar Meena, told HT.