Rajasthan govt to designate highways as urban roads to bypass SC's liquor ban order

The Supreme court had ordered a ban on all liquor shops that stands within the 500 metres of the state and national highways causing major loses

In a bid to avoid liquor ban as the Supreme Court’s latest directive, the Rajasthan government is in a hurry to denotify the highways and declare them as roads. This comes after the Supreme Court announced that every pubs and bar within the 500 metres of the highway will be banned.

According to reports, the state government is trying and figuring out ways to avoid the order after the move has reportedly led to major lose in the business and loss of jobs for a large number of people. Rajasthan PWD department to denotify State Highways to Urban roads to circumvent SC’s liquor ban order at National and State Highways.

Meanwhile, some of the states are making efforts to negotiate with the central government. Kerala has asked for some time before they cam implement the apex court’s order. The central government further affirmed that they were also trying to find solutions to the issue.

However, in what may be a massive relief to some of the bar owners and liquor vendors some of the reports suggest that the excise department has asserted that they will use “motorable distance” to measure the distance. The officials asserted that if the motorable distance is beyond 500 metres, they will renew the licenses. The licenses will remain cancelled if the motorable distance is not beyond 500 metres.

The Supreme Court had earlier ruled that alcohol will not be sold within 500 metres of national and state highways. As many as 109 pubs and 43 liquor shops have reportedly lost their licenses.