Rahul Gandhi trolled for posing with Spanish actress. Does internet have no real issues to talk about?

All hell broke loose after Nathalia Ramos called Rahul Gandhi “eloquent” and “insightful" on Twitter

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who is on a two-week trip to the United States recently sparked controversy after Spanish-Australian actress, Nathalia Ramos shared a picture of her posing with the latter. While people went out of their way trolling the Congress scion for meeting an actress during his trip, at the same time, some people also seemed pretty curious about Nathalia.

All hell broke loose after Ramos called Gandhi “eloquent” and “insightful” on Twitter and that she was “blessed” to have met him. The trolls who should now be officially called online harassers, breached all grounds of decency when they compared Nathalia with Rahul Gandhi’s mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi.  The trolls passed the remark in the context of Rajiv Gandhi marrying Italian-born Sonia Gandhi.

You can check the post here:

Social media came down heavily on Rahul Gandhi and made some seriously nasty comments:

In a bid to end the mystery, here’s everything you need to know about the woman Rahul Gandhi is posing with in the picture:

Who is Nathalia Ramos?

A citizen of the US, Ramos is a prominent personality in her own right. She is a Spanish-Australian actress, popularly known for essaying the character of Yasmin in a movie named Bratz in 2013. She has also acted in movies including The Damned, Switched at Birth, and 31 North 62 East. Ramos has also starred in the Nickelodeon television series House of Anubis and has played the lead character of Nina Martin. She is the daughter of Spanish pop singer Juan Carlos Ramos Vaquero, known by his stage name, “Ivan.”

What was Rahul Gandhi doing in the US? 

No, he wasn’t partying there. He was on a political trip to the United States. First, he addressed the students at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. He did an idea exchange with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, civil society representatives and experts in California. He also attended a session at the Princeton University. While he invited backlash over his comment on “dynasty politics” at UC, he was also lauded for reading up on important issues, taking uncensored questions from the students and speaking about his vision on issues of importance – be it foreign policy or demomonetisation or even Make in India.

Is it fair to attack Rahul for posing with someone he met on a foreign trip?

Of course not. It’s nobody’s business. But trolls enjoy a strange sense of entitlement that they can barge into people’s public and private life and ridicule anyone for even an innocuous action. The nasty comments only go on to show how a large section of people on the internet, whether they have any political motive or not, exist just to talk about trivial issues. They have no real issues to talk about. Also, they are limited in their understanding of the man-woman relationship. That men and women can come together for a professional relationship, friendship and general acquaintance or for simply mutual respect and admiration is beyond their juvenile imagination. Someone needs to hammer down their brains that there is nothing sensational about a man and a woman posing together. And finally, please, dear trolls, do some reading on real issues concerning this country, the next time you sit down to take on a public figure.

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