Rahul Gandhi Says A 'Shikanji' Seller Started Coca-Cola, Twitter Has Some More Suggestions

Gandhi also claimed that McDonald's was initially a 'dhaba'

The Twitterati are having a field day with Rahul Gandhi’s recent comment. Gandhi claimed that the founder of Coca-Cola initially sold shikanji (lemonade) and Mcdonald’s was intially a dhaba. With this he has joined a long list of BJP leaders, who have amused us on more than one occasion.

While making a speech in Delhi at his party’s convention for backward castes, the Congress president said, “Who started Coca-Cola company? Do you know? I will tell you who, Coca-Cola wala America mein shikanji bechta tha (The man who started Coca Cola sold shikanji in the US). He sold sugar mixed in water. His skill was recognised and rewarded,” adding, “You know McDonald’s. It is everywhere. Who started it? He ran a dhaba (food joint) but we all have seen the brand’s progress. You show me one person who runs a dhaba and has set up a Coca-Cola in India. Ford was a mechanic, so was Honda,” according to a report in NDTV.

Soon after the word got around #AccordingToRahulGandhi started trending, as Twitter users came up with their own versions.

The perfect Mcdonald’s order

The one with his Holiness Dalai Lama

Waah, Taj!


The sarcasm game is up

(Written by Shreya Bansal)