'Rahul Gandhi ordered whitener worth Rs 1 cr': Twitter cracks up as Rahul queues outside ATM

"Since Rahul Gandhi Can't pull Crowd , he goes wherever there is Crowd"

The chaos following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that tendered Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes illegal has created enough confusion in India. People have been waiting in long queues outside banks, ATMs and post offices to exchange the old currency notes with the new ones.

Amid such circumstances, the presence of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi outside one of the busiest areas of the National Capital hasn’t been of much help either.

Apparently, the 46-year-old leader joined the crowd outside the SBI bank near Parliament Street bank in New Delhi to exchange Rs 4000 currency notes. “I have come to exchange Rs. 4,000. My people are suffering, I have come to stand with them,” he told the reporters.

While his move is being seen as a positive step by some, there are some who don’t agree. Here’s what Twitterati think about Rahul Gandhi: