Rahul Gandhi believes demonetisation is a 'Modi-made' disaster

After much hullabaloo created over demonetisation Rahul Gandhi had met PM Modi yesterday to discuss their concerns on the same.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who addressed a public rally in Belgaum city of Karnataka on Saturday unleashed a scathing attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that his demonetisation drive was his doing that leads to human suffering.

“Like we say man-made disasters in English, we can similarly say that demonetisation was a Modi-made disaster,” Rahul Gandhi told the people gathered at the rally.

He further alleged that the Prime Minister had made fun of the farmers and the MNREGA scheme in the Parliament while asserting that the scheme was in fact, the backbone of the farmers. He went on to question as to why the government waived off “Rs 1200 crore” of the big guns including Vijay Mallya.

Rahul Gandhi met Prime Minister Narendra Modi this Friday. After much hullabaloo created over demonetising of 500 and 1000 rupee notes over the past month, the two parties sat down to discuss their concerns on the same.

Gandhi expressed his disappointment over Narendra Modi being insensitive to the plight of farmers affected by demonetisation. He also criticised removal of the import duty on wheat. Labelling this as a ‘devastating blow’, he highlighted the issue of increasing farmer suicides in the country.

Earlier this week, Gandhi was laughed at for making the claim of throwing a ‘bomb’ that was to expose the corrupt activities undertaken by the government, specifically Modi.