Pune School's Diktat On Colour Of Girl Students' Innerwear Triggers Protests

In Pune’s Maeer’s MIT School, parents and students held a protest against the school’s diktat asking girls to wear innerwear of a specific colour. Reportedly, the school authorities had also placed restrictions on the length of the skirts worn by girl students.

“The girls are asked to wear either white or skin colour innerwear. They have even mentioned the length of the skirt to be worn by them. They have all these things in the school diary and have asked us to sign it,” a parent said during the protest, held on Wednesday. The school had reportedly placed additional restrictions on students going to the washroom other than at the specified time and along with an escort.

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According to the parents, parents were even told to bring in a signed affidavit, stating that they abide by the newly-introduced restrictions, lest their students be kicked out of school.

However, Executive director of MIT Group of Institute Dr Suchitra Karad Nagare defended the decision, saying that the intentions behind it were “very pure”. Nagare said, “The intention to give such specific directives in the school diary was very pure. We had some experiences in the past which made us take this decision. We did not have any hidden agenda.”

(With inputs from ANI)