President, Central ministers may soon give speeches only in Hindi

If the recommendations of a parliamentary panel that have ben approved by the President, all speeches by President, central ministers may soon be in Hindi

President Pranab Mukherjee has given his nod to a recommendation of a committee that called for all the speeches by the  President and the central ministers to delivered in Hindi. The request was put forth the Committee of Parliament on Official Languages. However, it is only applicable for the dignitaries who can read and speak Hindi.

Earlier, President Pranab Mukherjee who is very fluent with the language delivered his speeches in English while Vice President of the country, Hamid Ansari read out the Hindi translation. Central Ministers were also handed over the speeches in English which were accompanied by Hindi translations. The committee had made the recommendation in a bid to promote the use of the Hindi language.

“All dignitaries including Hon’ble President and all the ministers especially who can read and speak Hindi may be requested to give their speech/statement in Hindi only,” the recommendations that have been okayed by the President read as.

Now, the central ministers may have to read out their speeches in Hindi which will ve accompanied by English translations. Not just this, the national carrier airline India has also been directed to use Hindi in their plane tickets and have Hindi magazines on the flight. However, the committee had recommended applying the rule to all the Indian airlines. Additionally, all government and semi-government organisations will have to mention products’ names in Hindi. However, the recommendation to have minimum knowledge of Hindi as criteria to get jobs have been dismissed.

The government may also come up with a dictionary with a complete compilation of translation of English-Hindi words.