Post 'beef rumour', Jaipur hotel sealed; owner, staff member arrested

Someone apparently spread the rumour that the hotel was disposing "beef remains" in the open leading to the hotel being sealed

The police officials in Jaipur recently went on to seal a hotel in Jaipur and arrested the owner of the hotel after the hotel allegedly dumped “meat remains” out in the open. The officials confirmed that someone had started a rumour saying that the hotel was dumping beef. One of the staff member has also been arrested.

According to an Indian Express report, the cops affirmed that the locals were outraged after someone spread the rumour that the hotel were “disposing beef remains”. However, they further said that the rumours were untrue and the local residents were only furious because the hotel was allegedly dumping non-vegetarian remains and was not actually beef which was being consumed by the cows.

“Someone spread a rumour that Hotel Hayat Rabbani in Sindhi Camp area in Jaipur was preparing and disposing beef remains. However, the rumours were baseless and the actual matter is that locals were unhappy over the ‘non-vegetarian’ remains which the hotel threw openly; cows were consuming these remains which angered the locals,” Jaipur (West) Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ashok Kumar Gupta told the daily.

Following the incident, the police went on to seal the hotel and arrested 2 persons after Gau Raksha Dal leader Kamal Didi filed a complaint against the hotel. The authorities further asserted that they were not arrested because of the rumours but because they did not have a valid license to show and that they were breaking the rules by dumping waste openly.

“We arrested hotel owner Naeem Rabbani and one of his staff members under section 295 A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) of the Indian Penal Code,”Gupta said.