Why 'Supermom' Sushma Swaraj is India's favourite minister in Modi government

Not just in India, she's one of the most active ministers in the world on Twitter with 6.54 million followers

Who is most popular lovable Indian politician in Twitter? The answer from most of the people would be Sushma Swaraj. In over two years as the Minister of External of Affairs, Sushma has been able to add not just followers but also fans on Twitter.

This minister is currently admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) due to kidney failure and the outpour of support for her is heartwarming. From helping Indians in need across borders to sharing light moments, she has been keeping her followers thoroughly engaged on Twitter. And now in a first, she is also tweeting her health updates from the hospital.

She doesn’t have people standing in the queues worshipping for her, nor do her supporters pierce themselves with spears and hooks (like people do for some leaders in South India). What she gets is genuine and heartfelt respect.

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Such is the respect that people are offering their kidneys to the leader in this hour of need. AIIMS is flooded with offers from people who are willing to donate their kidneys to Sushma.

Not just in India, she’s one of the most active ministers in the world on Twitter with 6.54 million followers. It’s a welcome move to see a minister break off the traditional channels and interact with people on social media to solve their problems.

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On several occasions, she has gone out of the way and helped people who are stuck in a far off place or are seeking some help from the government. People tweet to her individually and she makes it a point to respond to most in need.

Amid the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan, this girl from the neighbouring country raised concerns of her well being. And Swaraj in turn assured her safe return to Pakistam.

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In another instance, she helped a widowed mother reunite with her newborn baby. The mother was separated from her child as the child did not have the passport and OCI card. Her family urged Sushma for help and she did not disappoint.

Not just help, she has often given several moments of smiles to her followers by her tweets. Picture these:

This guy tweeted to the minister about his defective refrigerator and wanted her help in getting it replaced.

When tweeple were delighted to see her miniature version. And she was overwhelmed too.

She replies to tweets of Indians abroad, facilitates passport and visa problems and sometimes also offers a word of advice to people with faulty refrigerators.

She has always been very active on Twitter since she joined the microblogging site in 2011 but interventions have increased after she took charge of the External Affairs Ministry. From having a general discussion about her stand on issues like Foreign Direct Investment to queries on passport and embassy issues or responding to greetings on festivals, she does it all.

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US Daily, The Washington Post, had even called her ‘Supermom of the State’ for her proactive role on Twitter. Here’s wishing our favourite minister, a speedy recovery. Get well soon!